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about us

Bossa Furniture celebrates Brazilian design in it’s charmingly diverse facets, tied through a common thread and blood: each of our curated pieces are imbued with the feeling that impregnates this country’s way of being and pulses with time. The time that colossal trees demand to grow, the time hands need to recreate the shapes of nature and bodies, and finally, historic time brought back and immortalized in these works of design. Our collection combines mid-century vintage pieces, organic live edge furniture, contemporary collectible design, as also Brazilian contemporary art. From the selection of resources in Brazil to direct importing our products, we are committed to quality, originality and competitive prices to present these stories and history internationally

why brazilian design?

We are committed to originality and cultural and historical values inked to Brazilian design and therefore invests in iconographic and archival research, expanding our collections of period images, as well as production records, catalogs, commercials, advertisements, interviews. In contemporary pieces, we leave aside mass production and approach personal production, valuing all stages of the process. The multifaceted Brazilian design carries influences from European, African and traditional peoples, but always seeking a local solution, whether manufacturing aesthetic or material. It's the stories, the emotions, and the richness of the details that make Brazilian design so valued internationally.