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Aciole Felix

Aciole holds a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Brasília - UnB (Product Design and Visual Programming) and a Master in Design from the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy.

He received a Master's degree in Transportation & Automobile Design (2008 -2010) at Milan Polytechnic Design College in Milan. He completed an internship at the FIAT Style Center in Turin, working as an automotive designer for Alfa-Romeo. An experience that enriched your vision about product design as a whole.

Back in Brazil, he continued his activities, expanding his role in the industry. Ministered disciplines in the Faculty of Industrial Design of UnB (2011 - 2012). In 2013 he made a quick partnership with a friend of the college, Danilo Vale. Together they created the STRAIGHT furniture line. This line had its primary source of inspiration in the iconography of Brasilia, bringing strong references to the city.

His performance in the author design scene has yielded good results. In recent years he has seen his pieces circulate in renowned magazines and international design fairs such as Paris Design Week and Milan Design Week. He has also participated in National festivals such as Parallel Mobile for the last three years.


TAO | tables

alvorada | seating

delta | seating