"Cuia" with Copper | Andrea Bandoni

The object enhances the contrast between the natural organic forms of the cuia and the hard straight lines of the copper. These scrap copper pieces gathered from a metal shop were chosen to acknowledge the memory of old kitchen utensils and due to the way it ages in a beautiful greenish tone.

Cuia Hack - Cuias (plural of Cuia) are objects widely used by indigenous people obtained from the Cuieira tree, abundant in the Amazon rainforest. Despite being sustainable useful objects, nowadays they are no more than nearly worthless souvenirs. This project aims to “expand” our perception of the cuias function and aesthetic through a wide range of possibilities. To do so, new pieces are added to the natural shape in order to give it meaning, although they can easily be separated according to each material’s life span.

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Type of Material: Cuia and Copper

Date of Creation: 2014