"Cuias" | Andrea Bandoni

Development of the CUIA HACK series, which started in 2014.(Previous work: "Cuia and Copper" and "Cuia with Handle").

Cuias are objects widely used by indigenous people obtained from the Cuieira tree, abundant in the Amazon rainforest. Despite being sustainable useful objects, nowadays they are no more than nearly worthless souvenirs. This project aims to “expand” our perception of the cuias function and aesthetics through a wide range of possibilities. To do so, new pieces are added to the natural shape in order to give it meaning, although they can easily be separated according to each material’s life span.

The ceramic handles benefit from being hand made through clay modeling, and the earth colours chosen contrast with the black resin of the cuias. In this series many mini-cuias were used, which can serve as “spoons” with hangers that could be explored in many different ways, bringing movement and life into the objects.

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