“Gargalos” | Brunno Jahara

The series of vases with a neck shape recall characters of different sizes, mixing colors and finishes in the same piece, the project aims to find new value into a common object of our daily life. Piece by piece the combinations become unique and the collection is made out of many sized vases and candleholders, with copper elements. "Gargalos" is a project born of a collaboration between Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara and glass artist Patricia Bagniewski. In case you didn't realize, the piece proposes new ways to use and recycle bottles of wine to transform them into a new product, something that plays with the bottle shape unusually.

The set is composed of four pieces of different heights:

4.3 in; 7.8 in; 11 in and 13.7 in.

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Type of Material: Glass, Copper


Small - H 7, 87 in. x Ø 2, 75 in. / H 20 cm x Ø 7 cm

Medium- H 11, 02 in. x Ø 2, 75 in. / H 28 cm x Ø 7 cm

Large- H 13, 77 in. x Ø 2, 75 in. / H 35 cm x Ø 7 cm

Candleholders - H 4, 33 in. x Ø 2, 75 in. / H 11 cm x Ø 7 cm

Date of Creation: 2018