Barba Negra | Marcos Amato

The Barba Negra stool was created as an interpretation of the sensations aroused by the contact with the marine universe that generated a curvilinear, fluid and dynamic design of the piece.

The solid wood is cut into several parts to be better used.Those parts are then fitted, glued and sculpted by hand to the final shape.

This stool is ergonomic and functional but can also be used individually as an outstanding item in the environment. It is signed, dated and numbered.

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Type of Wood:  Zebrano wood


H 19.3 in. x W 18.9 in. x D 25.6 in. / H 49 cm x W 48 cm x D 65 cm

Date of Creation: 2016

Presented in: 

“MADE”, Pavilhão da Bienal - Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil, de 09/08 a 13/08 de 2017.

“Design + Art do Brasil”, PIASA – Paris, France de 09/12 a 13/12 de 2017.

Published in:

Revista GIZ, São Paulo, 2016, pag. 348/349

Interni Magazine, Milano, 2017, pag. 68

Casa Estadão, São Paulo, 2017, pag. 10