Black Sheep | Tiago Curioni

The Black Sheep chair was conceived under the concepts of ergonomics. The two cylinders are perfectly adapted to the contours of the human body and the curious shape allows people with different statures to seat with comfort. The lumbar support is an important feature which ensures that the user remains in a correct posture all the time. Inspired by the famous fashion brands, which have used synthetic fur in their collections, the Black Sheep does not use natural fur in their production. Four major flanges of an old Japanese machine were transformed into lateral locking screws and structuring the chair, ensuring the mounting and dismounting of the workpiece quickly and efficiently.

Inspired by the flocks of sheep in southern Brazil, with sheep grazing calm and orderly, the Black Sheep stands out and is imposed. The Black Sheep rebels against traditional patterns of chairs and proposes a new way of sitting and the synthetic fur determines that no sheep´s skin will be used to be manufactured.

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Type of Material: Fur, Steel


 H 27, 5 in. x W 23, 622 x D 27, 5 in. / H 70 cm x W 65 cm x D 70 cm 

Date of Creation: 2016

Presented in: 

“MADE”, Pavilhão da Bienal - Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil, de 09/08 a 13/08 de 2017.

“Design + Art do Brasil”, PIASA – Paris, France de 09/12 a 13/12 de 2017.