Kilin | Sergio Rodrigues

Designed by Sergio Rodrigues, "Kilin" armchair, is composed of two sides and two crosspieces, with the back and seat made of leather, form a unique piece. The bold design, with shapes and fittings of wood, leather floating in the air and prepared to shape and hug the body, makes of Kilin, the favorite piece of many people.

The name comes as a tribute to Sergio's wife, Vera Beatriz, whom Sergio affectionately called a "little squirrel" and Kilin is this abbreviation.

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Type of Material: Ebonized wood, cowhide


H 26, 38 in. x W 26, 78 in. x D 25, 99 in. / H 67 cm x W 68 cm x D 66 cm

Date of Creation: 1973