Mole Armchair | Sergio Rodrigues

Mole armchair by Sergio Rodrigues, designed in Brazil 1957. It is comprised of a solid jacaranda frame. The adjustable leather support straps hold an all in one leather cushion in very good original condition.

The prolific architect and designer Sergio Rodrigues is often called the "father of modern Brazilian design," but it is the second adjective in that phrase that deserves emphasis: Rodrigues’s great achievement was to create furniture in a style that captured the spirit, character and personality of his country. Modernity came slowly to 20th-century Brazil, politically and culturally. The nation finally realized genuine constitutional democracy in 1945, ushering in a new, progressive era in the arts. Until that time, heavy furniture based on historical European models had been the norm. In the late 1940s, designer Joaquim Tenreiro introduced sleek, minimalist chairs and cabinets; José Zanine Caldas, now best known for his later artisanal work, created plywood furnishings for mass-production; the Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi, a former editor for the Gio Ponti-founded magazine Domus, set up shop in São Paulo, designing elegant, flexible chairs set on slim metal frames.

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Type of Wood:  Rosewood (Jacarandá)


H 30 in. x W 45 in. x D 36 in / H 76.2 cm x W 114.3 cm x D 91.44 cm

Date of Creation: 1963


Published in:

Revista GIZ, São Paulo, 2016, pag. 348/349

Interni Magazine, Milano, 2017, pag. 68