P.dr | Andrea Macruz

The P.dr bench It is made of Slimstone, a material that is 70% lightener than a regular 20mm stone, as marble or granite, formed by a thin layer of stone and a composite. The bench has a small integrated table, which can be used in internal or external areas. This integration is very useful, especially in external areas. It was made of Slimstone, an extra light material, which makes it 3 times lighter than made of regular stone, yet more economical and allowing the same finishing.

It was inspired in balance and lightness. These concepts were incorporated in the project not only because of the material that was used, but also because of its shape: one volume supporting another, representing the balance found in Nature.

This project was produced by S.C.A. Mobiliário Contemporâneo and Slimstone. It can be made of different kinds of marble and granite.

Additional Options:

It can be done in black marble (without the white stripes) - Nero Stone or in gray/beige - Etna Griggio Stone

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Type of Material: Black Marble


H 22, 4 in. x W 86, 6 in. x D 17,7 in. / H 57 cm x W 220 cm x D 45 cm

Date of Creation: 2016