Reversivel | Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler

Martin Eisler designed this sculptural armchair in 1955. This piece is considered by many, one of the most iconic armchairs of the Brazilian Modern Design. The uniqueness of this armchair lies in several qualities. First, the form itself; provocative, architectural and ludic, it invites the user to a unique experience; its find yourself different "ways to seat."

Second, the vanguard value of the design; if we put side by side with the international production in 1955, we will see the straight lines of rationalism and functionalism in the most chairs. But, in " Reversivel" (Reversible) despite structure and materials - one of the flags of those times - Eisler also sought for the user experience, the complex relations between the furniture and our home day living - as we call today.

The big moving seat rests in an iron frame structure that combines visual lightness and stability, evidenced by little brass feet, touching the ground at minimal.

For this piece, the original state of the iron frame has been kept it original, and the upholstery was chosen considering the contemporary proposal of the piece.

New finishing for the piece can be chosen by the customer. Send us a message to know more about it.

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Type of Wood:  Iron, Brass, Suede


H 84 in. x W 65 in. x D 47.5 in. / H 213.36 cm x W 165.1 cm x D 120.65 cm

Date of Creation: Circa 1950

Published in:

Revista GIZ, São Paulo, 2016, pag. 348/349

Interni Magazine, Milano, 2017, pag. 68