Savannah | Tiago Curioni

A clump of grass, a bush, which moves in the wind and envelops its inhabitant.

This was the inspiration for creating the Savana armchair, made in Wicker, traditional and natural material of the Brazilian furniture, widely used in the 70's and 80's, but whose origin goes back to the time of ancient Egypt.

Massive and totally handmade, without any use of metal structure or wood, the Wicker branches are curved in the water and then glued one by one, forming the "tree trunk" that serves as the base; And the backrest, which projects upwards in the shape of a shell, giving protection and shelter to the user.

Limited Edition.

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Material: Vime (Wicker)

Dimension:  H 98.43 in. x W 39.38 in. x D 39.38 in. / H 250 cm x W 100 cm x D 100 cm

Date of Creation: 2017  Limited Edition, only 5 pieces.  

Presented in: 

“MADE”, Pavilhão da Bienal - Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil, de 09/08 a 13/08 de 2017.

“Design + Art do Brasil”, PIASA – Paris, France de 09/12 a 13/12 de 2017.

Published in:

Revista GIZ, São Paulo, 2016, pag. 348/349

Interni Magazine, Milano, 2017, pag. 68

Casa Estadão, São Paulo, 2017, pag. 10