Conogó | Noemi Saga Atelier

The Sucupira solid wood Conogó screen partition is an art–furniture. Its constructive and aesthetic inspiration is a mix of references that goes from several fields, from universal cultural roots to contemporary art. In one hand, Conogó’s constructive form and its use of simple materials references the work of indigenous ancestors and their connection with nature. On the other hand, its play with optical illusion, rhythm and movement creates dialogue with contemporary kinetic art. The screen partition consists of two parts which together creates waves. Each angle reveals a different rhythm, building an optical illusion of movement and transformation.

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Type of Material: Plywood


H 70, 87 in. x W 38, 19 in. x D 16, 93 in. / H 180 cm x W 97 cm x D 43 cm

Date of Creation: 2018