Rubber Soul | Andrea Bandoni

Although usually left behind, hidden inside objects or its engines, rubber is a surprising natural material. Original from Brazil and with natural amber colour, it also has a velvet texture and elastic properties.

Rubber Soul expresses the material’s plasticity in objects by using natural latex sheets in different thicknesses, formed in geometric or organic shapes, and resulting in different colours due to the juxtaposed layers.

This collection gives sequence to the Seringueira Series, in which objects were made out of latex and wood both from the same Seringueira tree. Now Rubber Soul goes beyond by mixing rubber with metals, experimenting with folding and patterns, light and shadow.

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Type of Material: Glass, Iron, Rubber


H 34.26 in. x W 47.25 in. x D 19.69 in. / H 87 cm x W 120 cm x D 50 cm

Date of Creation: 2016