T.or | Andrea Macruz

T.or is a table inspired in the vegetation of the Cerrado Savannahs of some regions of Brazil, which is made up of bushes and small trees with twisted trunks and branches. It is made of two flat aluminum surfaces, connected and sustained by a central piece, as if it were a twisted trunk, but in a more geometrical and abstract way. Besides its torsion, this central piece presents an inclination, which is also seen in displacement of this type of vegetation. The main idea was to design a table that was almost a Möbius strip: an external side that becomes an internal one, to an extent that it is hard to say what is external, internal, top, column or base. In short, the concept was to propose a different view of what a table top and structure can be. The material was chosen for its lightness, as it is a center piece and it should be easily moved around.

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Type of Material: Aluminum


H 15.75 in. x W 43.31 in. x D 11.82 in. / H 40 cm x W 110 cm x D 30 cm

Date of Creation: 2017

Presented in: 

“MADE”, Pavilhão da Bienal - Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil, de 09/08 a 13/08 de 2017.