Tiago Curioni



Tiago Curi is an architect and product designer with a studio (found in 2010) based in São Paulo, Brazil. As a product designer, Tiago began creating pieces such as benches, chairs, tables, and chandeliers for his own interior design projects. With a clean, but yet strong touch, his workpieces are designed to highlight the materials and colors used. Since he prefers to test new materials in each collection and to bet on unknown solutions, his products do not have a defined identity resulting in a diversified product line. Although he has less than 3 years as a product designer, he already won prestigious awards such as; Salão Design (Bento Gonçalves, Brazil), Bronze in 2016 and Gold in 2017 at the A'design Award (Como, Italy). In addition, he received an honorable mention at the International Design Awards (Los Angeles, USA) and was selected by German Award. His work was exhibited in most prestigious and recognized museums from São Paulo, and the Velvet Chair and Black Sheep are part of the set-up of the well-known chair's museum, in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, his work can be found all over Brazil in high-end specialized furniture retailers that carefully select their pieces.